Stepping Up to the Mic

Go ahead Mat, just do it. Come on Mat you promised yourself you were going to do this. Don’t let yourself down. Mat what are you waiting for? Are you nervous? All question’s I have been asked by peers  that frankly I can’t come up with an answer for. My speech is written, I know the material I am talking about because I lived through it. Than what is holding me back? My whole life has been full of everyday challenges of finding ways to adapt to a world that wasn’t built for me. I’ve been through a life only 1 in every 4,000 are born into. I don’t experience pain anymore. My toughest years in life have gone by me. From the ages of 5-10 I was a person full of questions that had no answers and paths that had no previous footprints. I had to figure out who I was all by myself. My pain was indescribable but my cure certainly isn’t. I cure myself through words. Words that I share with my friends and family, but not yet an audience. I’ve been knocked down, but never out. A problem you consider major, will feel minor to me. I’ve given a couple dozen speeches in my life; yet all have been read from paper. I’ m not afraid of the pressure or choking. I’m not afraid of standing tall in front of hundreds or thousands of people. I’ve never blogged before, never thought I ever would too to be honest, so please give me time to learn this. I started this blog to hopefully find the answers to all of my questions I have myself. Hopefully all of my questions turn into answers which turn into actions. My posts become a timeline of a life I would love to share with you all. Go ahead Mat, it’s time to step up to the mic…

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