I  am the littlemotivator. This twitter account started in 2010 solely as another distraction while studying. It now has turned into a hobby that I truly enjoy. One of my long time goals has been to give speeches to local communities on dwarfism/diversity/facing adversity to give some inspiration and motivation to our youth on being able to overcome any obstacle no matter your situation. In the mean time while preparing my speech, I have created this account to start spreading my message, offering kind words that hopefully at the very least bring a smile to each followers face. I am very pleased with the responses I have received so far, and plan on continuing this account for as long as I tweet. About 5% of these tweets are direct quotes, 15% are lyrics or quotations that I have regenerated or added a littlemotivator twist to it, leaving the last 80% coming solely from myself. I just wanted to take the time to thank every single follower or person who has taken the time to read some of the tweets for their support. I know it can be considered ‘soft’ and uncomfortable, but I feel the best way to get a message across is from a person who experiences it first hand on a consistent basis. Thanks again, and keep #following.

Littlemotivator’s Most Retweeted:

   1.You Only Live Once #YOLO

2. I asked someone today what they want to be at the age of 25, they answered “alive.”

3. Taking the good I’ve been given and turning it into better.

   4. The common bond between 2 people isn’t measured by the height difference of the two, but by the height 1 person would go through 4 the other

5. Never regret anything because at one moment of time it was exactly what you wanted.

6. I try because I care. I care because I want to go somewhere.

7. My New Years resolution is to smile more and argue less, remain focused and know that I’m blessed.

8. The hardest of workers are the ones who turn “One day or Some day…” into today.

   9. There are a few people out there that will never give up on you. Those are the people you should forever have in your hearts.

10. Bend but never break, give but never take. Fall but forever get back up.

Littlemotivator’s Favorite’s:

   1. I hope to show greatness in the littlest form.

2. An ordinary person doing extrordinary things.

3. I was born with a list of things I wasn’t going to be capable of doing. That list is now my bucket list full of check marks and cross offs.

4. Impact someone for a moment and they’ll smile, motivate someone for an hour and they’ll pursue, inspire someone today and they’ll change the world.

5. I look up to everyone and everyone looks down upon me. Everyone who looks down walks away with their head up afterwards saying hes a giant.

6. I live in a world that wasnt built for me, so i’m using my voice as a tool to slowly build this world into a better place for others like me

7. You see things and ask “Why?” I dream things and say “Why not?”

8. You look up to me, when in fact it’s me who looks up at you.

9. If you love what you do, you’ll always find a way to stay a part of it. #SteveJobs

   10. My drive has takes me where I want to go at whatever speed I want it to go.

Let me know what you think!

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