Daniel Webster’s hardest word to define.  To achieve it is to believe in it. To make it last you have to breathe it.  It is never handed to you. It can be contagious. And if you are one of the lucky one’s you will know you achieved it.

Like life and the people who live it– it comes in many different definitions and forms. The dictionary states it as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors and the attainment of wealth, positions, and honors. Those all may be true, but to me it is lesser than that. To me success is choosing what you love over what your best at. It is about finding your passion and making something of it. It is about happiness. It isn’t about regrets. It’s about making ‘what could’ve been and what should’ve been ‘ into what is. It’s about turning tomorrow into today and turning bad moods into gay. Those who want it, never settle. Those who’ve had it become addicted.

The best opportunities in life are rare to be given to you on a platter. To be put in the best situation to succeed you have to place yourself in the best position for opportunities. Quality is better than quantity in this case. Geographical location can influence opportunity, I do believe in that. But optimistic leaders always make the best out of what they have and continue moving forward. I live in a small state, New Hampshire. I’ve been raised in a small city [Manchester], compared to Boston/NYC/Chicago, etc. I come from a small high school [Trinity]. But I plan on making a lot of noise. I am taking the little I am given and turning it into something big.

Success doesn’t have to equal $$$. Success should never get to your head. Success should only be something looked backed on when you are sitting on your sofa retired. For if you let it get to you, it will eat you alive. I’ve told what success isn’t because in order to succeed you must fail 100 times before. I’m still failing, I just have hope that one day I should succeed. And when I do, it will be beautiful.

You can define your own success. Follow your heart, lead with your brain and always give your best effort. The sky is the limit. All I ask from you, is when you achieve have pride in yourself. Remain humble, but use it as a tool to help others achieve success. Smile more, argue less, remain focus and know that you’re blessed.

Let me know what you think!

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