Humble Pride

Last Tuesday I had my first big boy interview.

The entire ride to the interview I was thinking of possible questions they were going to ask. The two questions I felt I needed/wanted to prepare for was, “What would you say your weakness is?” and “What are your strengths?” I thought about it for a long time, and couldn’t come up with an answer that would be interview acceptable.

One of my weaknesses is talking about my strengths. I don’t ever like talking about me. My life-long family friend Roland reviewed my resume and was in shock all of the things I either left out or didn’t talk up. I just didn’t think they were brag worthy. He has saved me and guided me at the same time in preparation for the competitive field of applying/hiring in the real world. I can’t thank him enough.

Most of my past credible working experience has been through temporary stints I get involved in because I feel passionate towards it. I try not to waste my own time or your time because of its value. I involved myself with media relations and student managing because I wanted to stay involved with hockey. While I put in a great amount of time and dedication into both I wasn’t receiving any value in return my freshman and sophomore year. It was all volunteer work and if employees or friends tried looking into it I would have a difficult time providing tangible proof of my work existence. I stuck with it though, because I cared and wanted to go somewhere.

When you’re like everyone else you work hard to be different. When you’re different you work hard to be like everyone else. -anonymous

You would think because I live a life from a different perspective than most I would always have a story to tell or an opinion on everything. Well I don’t. My life is pretty normal, because I have created a normal atmosphere around me where I feel comfortable living day-to-day feeling the same feelings everyone else experiences daily. I’m a realist, a realist who dreams and achieves. I know how this world works. I know I’m at a disadvantage. I know I need to use my strengths to cover up my weaknesses. I know I’m being looked down at. When I walk into a room all eyes are on my and it’s not for the right reasons. I have to create my own opportunities out of nothing, because I know I’m not first in line to be handed one. This world is cruel and unfair–it’s plain and simple. Every interview is an opportunity to prove my value.

Through my education and interests I saw personal branding as an opportunity I needed to seize and conquer. With many various social networks taking off I looked at it as an opportunity to level my chances at future opportunities. It is an easy and great opportunity to finally be looked up at for once. It reminds me to stay true to myself, stay consistent and  to focus on the future. I have done this by keeping my Facebook clean. I try to portray a positive and clean appearance wherever my name could appear. If your name is credited next to any post, any comment or any picture that means you have given approval and are responsible for whatever is being portrayed. Your name is your brand and your brand shares your beliefs, morales, passion and value.

I blog, I tweet, I Google+, I Youtube, I InstaGram, I Facebook and I stay consistent. It’s very tempting to want to rip a bad tweet here and there or say how you really feel through a Facebook status. We live in a world where personal privacy seems to not exist anymore. You don’t have to tell the world where you are every second of the day. I’m not a professional in any industry yet but my best advice to you is to never post anything you wouldn’t want your [future] boss to see. Stay away from pictures on the weekends. When in doubt, don’t! Don’t let something you did that was publicized on Facebook 3 years ago be the reason why you didn’t land that dream job today.

When it is all said and done, I know what I have done. But I also know what I’ve yet to do–and the yet is greater than the have done. When the Patriots had that historical 17-1 run in 2008 they prided themselves on being humble. They wore around T-shirts with the saying ‘humble pie’ on them. They went day by day focused on their goals and the site set in front of them. They never looked ahead and they never looked behind. Those who are constantly moving forward never have time to look back. I like to take this same approach and walk around with a little humble pride. That is being proud of who you are, where you came from and where you are going. There is a big difference in being cocky and confident. Confident people know they can while cocky people say they can.

This is a big world. There is room for all of us though. It just takes us time to find our place in it. I’m the first in my family to experience a lot of different things. I’m one of a handful of little people in New Hampshire. I’m one in two handfuls of little people in New England. I’m just trying to make it count. I accept the role of being the voice for those who go through the different daily obstacles of being different. I want to succeed, I have to succeed so others like me can see how it’s done. Impossible doesn’t exist.

Stay motivated, stay humble, stay true to yourself.

The rest will come easy.

Let me know what you think!

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