I knew my best friend’s last day in Durham was coming, but never wanted to believe it. Last night I returned to my cottage and entered the wrong room. Over the weekend Chad Graff moved my stuff into his bedroom upstairs. His ability to take an initiative and act, I’ve always envied. His ability to consistently help me in ways that, in his eyes mean so little, but in mine mean so much make me forever grateful. Chad means a lot to so many people, but I don’t think anyone exactly knows how much he means to me. Today I walked around campus for the first time without him in my shadow, I felt lost. Tomorrow I’ll be doing the same. He left on my desk, a puck with a note on it–this puck will never leave my side. When I go to class, it’ll be in my backpack. When I move back home this summer, it’ll be framed hanging above my bed. If I ever make it to the show, it’ll fly first class. Your legacy, your friendship, your loyalty has impacted me in such a way that you made 4 years feel like 10. I wish you nothing but the best in Minnesota. The Wild truly have someone gifted covering their games. I’ll finish by finishing your quote, “If it weren’t for you…” If it weren’t for you Chad, I don’t think I could’ve done college. I don’t think I would believe in people having the ability to change your life. I don’t think I would’ve found one of my gifts: writing.


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