A Little Motivation.


10 days ago what once was a message–finally came to life. 3 years ago a Twitter account was formed with the intentions of spreading the awareness of dwarfism. Inspirational quotes and stories would pop up in my mind and I would share them with the world in 140 characters or less. The account is called LittleMotivator and its idea is that a little motivation can go a long way. The boy behind the account stands 4 feet tall and is one of 100,000 in his hometown and one of a million in his little state of New Hampshire. He saw that being one in a million was truly a special gift and opportunity and decided to embrace it. All he wanted to do was share his story. His vision included giving back to his community, by way of his voice in showing appreciation for the respect, care and quality of life they’ve provided him here in New Hampshire. He wanted to one day be the voice for those whose view and perspective in life differs from most.Well, 10 days ago, his vision became a reality and he hasn’t stopped smiling since.

I can’t thank the 6th grade students at Hillside Middle School enough for being so well-behaved and respectful during the speech’s entirety. That meant just as much to me, than the opportunity and the speech itself. I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of speaking I did that day, but the students being so encouraging and responsive made me feel so special and lucky that it’s tough to put into words right now. Below is the speech given at Hillside, broken up into 4 parts. I apologize for the low quality footage and lack of audio. I absolutely hate my voice on camera. I almost didn’t want to share this with you all, I just hope it encourages you to chase your biggest dream. No dream is too big. No person is too small for their biggest dream. Grow into your dreams. Grow with your dreams. Let your dreams grow.

A little motivation can go a long way, and those 6th graders have motivated me to continue to work on being an advocate of Dan Duval’s.

No one said it’d be easy, but they all say that it’s worth it.


Let me know what you think!

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