Trinity: Senior Farewell Assembly

This speech was given in May 2009 at Trinity High School.

There’s no better way to describe the feelings we have right now as seniors, as bittersweet. There’s no other phrase that we could express right now than thank you. Thank you Trinity for giving me a feeling of hope, a feeling that I know once I receive my diploma on the 9th, I’m ready for the next level. We owe it all to every single person in this room, and I’m sure everyone from the class of ’09 agrees. Trinity is a community so tightly knit; it’s kind of hard to explain to other people. Because everyone I’ve came across has played a role in developing me as a student and as an individual. These past four years I’ve been part of another family, a family that teaches, that’s dependable, that’s there for me, and makes me smile when it feels like nothing’s going right. Every person has contributed to making my experience here something special and meaningful.

To the freshmen, I had a great opportunity to bond with your class in a number of ways. I remember you guys walking down the entrance down a line of seniors giving high-fives, and walking into the gym introducing myself for the first time promising that this was the start of the best 4 years of your life. Also at your orientation when we volunteered in our community and ended the day with lunch and some life stories that hopefully stuck with you. You guys are a very close class and it’s going to be a real privilege for the faculty to watch you guys develops as the class of 2012.

To the sophomores, as Bon Jovi says, “your half way there.” You now know what’s expected out of you and you have a feel of what to expect the next two years. This is the part of your high school experience where if you have any weaknesses, you learn to strengthen them. You need to learn how to balance your school work and your social life, because next year’s your big year. Next year is the year that counts the most to colleges and your future. The one thing I am proud of myself for doing throughout my high school experience is being involved. There is something here for everyone to be a part of and contribute, the more you’re involved the more you’ll get out of and enjoy in your high school experience.

To the Juniors/soon to be seniors, you guys have been the closest to us. You looked up to us as freshmen for guidance and still look up to us now as role models. Work hard next year because it will get stressful and overwhelming, but senior year is all that plus exciting. You choose where you want to go next in 2 years, I wish you the best of luck and may you represent Trinity next year with pride. Think, Dream, Wish, Want, Achieve, which one are you going to do? Thank you Trinity, and farewell!

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