I Just Want To Be Me.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” The infamous question that can not be avoided throughout a person’s lifetime. You are asked this in elementary school, you start to actually think about it in high school, you change your mind while in college, and than eventually all of your previous answers don’t match up what you now call your “career.” I knew early that work that involved a tremendous amount of physical labor was and had to be out of the question. Becoming a doctor, lawyer, or a professor  have all intrigued me, but just aren’t me (sorry mom and dad).

In today’s world, people are growing up faster than ever. Competition has evolved to grow outside of just sports. Whether it’s school, sports, college, social statuses, job hunting, people are looking for that competitive edge that will get them that extra boost to outdo the other person. In high school, you joined every club/activity you could, even if you had the littlest interest, so you could throw it on your college applications. You paid unnecessary amounts money to take classes to prepare yourself for the SAT/CAT test. You would travel all over the country to find that “perfect” college, that your parents would be proud to brag about and you would be content to party at. What I like to find humor in the most, are the parents who try living through their children. I found the best example of this is through TLC’s show: Toddlers and Tiaras. I hope if you are around my age reading this, everything you do in life you do for yourself. In the end, you have created an atmosphere that you feel the most comfort in and will allow you to succeed.

Right now I am currently two years young on my college journey and of those two years, I am on my second major. Going into college I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do. I just wanted to make a lot of money! I chose the more popular root by majoring in business administration. This made me think about possibly becoming one day a business owner. The skills I learned through WSBE were both very challenging and very useful. Through a lot of misfortune and thinking of my future, I made the switch to communications. My ultimate profession, would to be coach in the NHL. But like any professional athlete you need back ups in case of injury or bad bounces. That is why my current interest is in Media/Public Relations, experienced I have gained while working with UNH athletic’s Media Relations team. But who knows next year I might change my mind again to something like chemical engineering? I have a chance for going 4/4 on different majors every year at UNH. I could be the most well rounded individual to graduate…bahahah but who am I kidding?

I guess the main point for this whole entire post is that even today I still can’t give you an honest answer for that infamous question. I will be able to throw out a ton of possibilities, but my focus is on being myself right now. I like to make the most of the opportunities I’m given and leave an impact on everyone I come across. I am a competitor in this game called life. But for now, I’m still young. I will never grow up, I will only grow wiser (short joke). Two years are already under my belt, and quite frankly they flew by way too fast. If I blink again it will be all over. I want to enjoy everything these next two years have to offer. I will choose to go out on weekends instead of getting ahead on studying/homework. A perfect example of this is my Walking, Talking, Standing Tall project that has yet to be launched because of this and a few other reasons. I will make plenty of bad decisions with good intentions. This big head is screwed on tight though, my focus is on the future but I will also live in the moment. I just don’t want to grow up too fast. I have plenty of time before I have to hit the panic button. I guess my only excuse is that I’m young. But for as of right now–I just want to be me…

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