What Hockey Has Taught Me

It’s always exciting and so hard to put into words when given an opportunity to represent the US.

Hockey has been one of the greatest teachers in my life. Hockey taught me how to walk, by improving my sense of balance while pushing a milk crate around the pond. It has taught me that life will be challenging, especially early on, but to always be patient and find the strength to get back up. Because if one day you decide not to, you might miss out on a life changing experience.

It’s taught me the importance of being punctual, being committed and the importance of putting in the work/time outside of the rink/classroom/office in order to be successful. It’s shown me that you can’t ever or shouldn’t ever do anything alone, that we all depend on others and others depend on us that the path to victory is dependent on a team that has the same goals, vision and unselfish mindset.

It’s proven to me that you should never ever give up on something if you truly love it. Hockey has the ability at times to punish you without a reason or explanation. It’s the moments in a season where you’re the better team and the puck doesn’t bounce your way and your team strings together a couple of losses in a row that you are reminded that hockey is just a game, a game that so closely replicates the game of life. It tests you mentally and drains you physically. But if you stick with it, respect it and work alongside those who are just as passionate, it can provide you the greatest experiences and opportunities that everything so worth it.

Let me know what you think!

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