Less I’s More U’s

I haven’t been myself lately. I started to turn into the kind of person I never wanted to become, the kind of person I hate the most. I allowed a picture on Facebook and a blog post to get to my head. I had created this arrogant evil twin that no body liked–not even myself. A friend had brought this to my attention after reading a tweet of mine that sounded like I was continuing to try to pump my own tires. She called me out straight up. She pointed out the kind of person I used to have been; the kid who didn’t care about his image. The kid she along with everyone else loved. She acknowledged the person I was becoming; arrogant, cocky, professional, too cool for school. She reminded me of what I preach; staying true to you, give rather then receive, appreciate rather then depreciate loved ones. She gave me the tough love I needed and deserved. That is why starting today I want to take out one letter of the alphabet and replace it with another. I want to use less I’s and add more U’s.

Thank U for celebrating Danny’s life with me through “The Three Ships.” Thank U for your loyal support and words of encouragement towards this blog. Thank U for never leaving my side. It’s U the readers that make me feel like I’m doing something with my life. I write this blog for me. Everyday I read an old post to get me through my day. I read them to remind myself why I’m living. I instill this confidence in me that I matter in so many peoples’ lives. Every morning when I wake up I have to convince myself that I am no different then U. I motivate myself to motivate U. I live because of U and for U. If it wasn’t for U I don’t know if I would be the same ME.

Family, morals and values will never change. These three also will never leave your side. Everything else has the ability to evolve, prosper and be tampered with. If something changes their usually is a reason. A change can be for the better or the worst. A change will affect those around you. You are born with certain physical features and skills that are difficult to alter. You develop intangible characteristics from your family dependent on how you are raised. You value those who value you. This all revolves around one thing; family. They are the catalysts that allow you to breathe, grow and develop. They pick you up when your down. They stay by your side when you feel alone. They stand behind you for support and in guidance. If it wasn’t for family; I wouldn’t value my morals appropriately. My family keeps me on my feet. My morals and values keep my feet moving forward.

I have always been an advocate for giving appreciation and acknowledgement to those deserving. If you receive appreciation embrace it. Allow kind words to touch your heart. Prevent them from reaching your brain. Take feedback as motivation to continue working towards accomplishing your bigger goals in life. Each new day is built from the previous one. Continue that forward momentum, keep progressing on that climb to the top. Every day is a new opportunity to be great–to start fresh, feel happy and to have fun. Never second guess who you are, where you’ve been and most importantly where it is you are going. Our lives are moving at such a rapid pace that it takes away how precious, valuable and fragile the gift of living actually is. Take a breath. Realize what you have. And make the most out of it. To just see the world in a more beautiful way. You’ll see it’s the little moments that make life big.

If I start my sentence with the letter “I” it better end with the letter “U.” I need U. I love U. I couldn’t have done that without U. I thank U. It’s time to be more self-less and less selfish. Lets change the world–together. Together we can make this world a better place. I apologize to everyone who witnessed that rough patch I went through. It’s time to change, it’s time to learn from past experiences and do whatever it takes to not allow the same mistake to happen twice. It’s never too late to be what you should’ve been.

Be the change. Be held responsible. Be U, not I. 

Stop. Breathe. Think. Act

One response to “Less I’s More U’s

  1. Hey, Matt. This emphasis on “U” is at the heart of rhetoric, too: a rhetorical message is audience-centered. An orator (or any kind of messenger) can’t succeed unless the audience understands and responds to the message. But at the same time, we can (like Plato and other rhetorical theorists) consider whether the orator is flattering a corrupt audience … a message is only as good as the audience that it is addressed to … Keep the focus on the U … a U worthy of such focus. Thanks for sending me the link to your blog!


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