The “Intern”

Today is my second day as Pannos-Winzeler Marketing’s summer media intern–so far so great. I have my own desk, telephone, computer (with Wally the Green Monster sitting on the monitor), and even a light up aquarium which will provide plenty of entertainment throughout the summer. I woke up this morning at 7 am, the earliest I have woken up all year. I have enough coffee in my veins to last me the rest of the work day. I am ready to make this day into a lifelong experience.

The employees at Pannos-Winzeler have all been so nice and welcoming. Within my first day I have already met and worked with Jim Pannos (President), Langdon Andrews (VP-Marketing) and Tara Hershberger (VP-Media).  The leadership displayed here is very conversational allowing for input from both parties to garner full understanding and it allows the morals and values of the company to be consistently displayed and implemented. Jillian Adams, my adviser, has created an atmosphere reassuring in comfort of my ability to perform at a high level to make this internship great. She told me my responsibilities and followed with my expectations. I am excited, because I feel like I am at a place where my ability will surpass my potential. I am ready to take this summer internship by storm.

Since this is my first internship, I have provided a list of expectations, instead of tips, on how I believe I can make the best out of this Marketing/PR summer internship.

Expect the Unexpected

An internship is what you make of it. You have two options. You can either make the most out of it or allow this opportunity to slip away. Making the most out of current opportunities, big or small, will open the doors to greater more beneficial opportunities in the future. Be the bar; don’t have the bar set after your first day. Anything can happen this summer.

As an intern you are assigned a general role or field you will concentrate the most on. This doesn’t prevent you from helping other groups to stay busy, just be sure to ask your adviser first. Be a sponge. You are now being taught by professionals who have had long and successful careers in the field you hope to one day enter. The classroom is now in a cubicle setting. Be appreciative of this first-hand learning opportunity you are receiving. Listen carefully, allow the knowledge to sink in and don’t shy away from asking questions to better understand the reasoning or concepts being presented. There is no better opportunity then a one on one real-life learning experience. Carry a notebook with you everywhere. I won’t be found without my yellow pad here at Pannos-Winzeler. It allows you to be organized. It shows that you are willing to learn. It prevents you from forgetting crucial information or deadlines. My last piece of advice is to take an initiative. Fill your plate and lick it clean. Summers go by too quick, soak up every moment of this opportunity. Show your employers that you are capable of problem-solving. Combine past experiences with past education to solve present and future obstacles.

I want a job as bad as the next college graduate this coming May. This summer is a valueable opportunity to prove my temperance as an importance to a company that could be one day lead to a future permanence.

*This is my first of many blog posts and articles for Pannos-Winzeler. I will be posting any future articles/posts on their blog found at

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