Trinity: Graduation Mass

Preface: Given at the chapel at St. Anselm College June 2009, the night before graduation.

I’m not lying to you when I say that I wrote this speech less than 20 hours ago. It’s not because of procrastination, it’s not because I don’t want to do this speech, but it’s because of the difficulty of the speech. This is an essence, the hardest speech I’ve given because of the time limit I’m given and reflecting back on these past four years would be impossible because of all the emotion behind it and the memories that will be forever held within me.

One of my favorite moments as a class, happened to have taken place recently, our Senior Retreat. We entered St. Elizabeth Seton’s church basement all happy and excited for that upcoming night and what our future as seniors will hold, but no one at the moment knew what this retreat would turn out to be. We are gathered as a class and listened to 4 real-life stories that came from the heart of our faculty members. The atmosphere in the room was unreal, after Mr. Sheehan said his last words. Very emotional, very moving and touching, Mr. Malinowski than grabs the mic, and announces that the mics all ours, anyone that wants to share anything is free too. We all sit there patiently not wanting to be the first ones to go, or not even contemplating going at all. Jolynn starts it off by saying how much she’s going to miss this class and how much everyone means to her, that took a lot of guts and I have a lot of respect for that. Slowly but surely people start going up to the mic, classmates I wouldn’t even dream of going up there, telling us their story. We eventually had a line that lead out the door, of people willing to share their pain, to bring us closer as a class. I never got the opportunity to share my story with you, but you got to experience a chapter in my life that doesn’t start out with “once upon a time” and also doesn’t finish with “The End.” Because this isn’t the end of the friendships we’ve formed here.

Next year when you look down, and no one is there, it should act as a reminder to keep on going, because even though I might not be there in person I hope you remember that I always looked up to you guys, both physically and emotionally and that everyone in this class meant something special to me. You taught me more about myself than anyone ever has. I take pride in my classmates achievements, and with the education you’ve received and the young men and women you’ve developed into, I have a feeling I’ll be smiling for the remainder of my life. I won’t be surprised if I see a politicians sign on my front lawn with the name Rahill or Kelekci on it. I see myself owning Dylan’s, Sean’s, and Garrett’s autographed rookie card in the next 5-6 years. I also even see myself getting pulled over for speeding by Officer Gagnon. As for me, I hope I’m just remembered as the kid whose heart was bigger than his body, a kid who inspired and appreciated every opportunity he was given, that’s all.

Trinity was a perfect fit for me, unlike most of the clothes I purchase. I’ve been taught to be the salt of the world, to preach the gospel, if necessary use words, where there’s a pro, there’s a con, and when in giving, we receive. I’ve received more than I could ever ask for here at Trinity, and I thank every single person in this church right now, for having faith in our class. We did it class of 2009, we did it! Whether you’re a Wolverine, a Warrior, a Hawk, or even a Wildcat next year, always remember that you’re a Pioneer at heart and you’re always welcome to visit and expect the warm community feeling like the one you felt at Freshmen Orientation way back in 2005. Cherish the memories, love the friendships, dream the impossible. Thank you Trinity, and thank you Class of 2009, it’s been an honor serving as your class president, God Bless you all.

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